Rugby World Cup 2019

Visual Style Development

My Role

Art Director / Designer / Retoucher

These visuals were commissioned by TBC Bank for the upcoming Rugby World Cup back in 2019. Rugby is the most popular sport in Georgia, followed and admired by fans from virtually every age category, which is why it is obvious how people reacted as they woke up to the two major cities Tbilisi and Batumi  covered in these massive posters.

The goal of the campaign was to give each member of the roaster the publicity they deserved and to mobilize massive team effort for the upcoming games. 

The idea behind these posters was that each member is an equally valuable part of the team. 

The challenge was coming up with the kind of universal style that would be both very modern and relatable for any age group as well. That’s why I went with a dramatic style of photography and lighting - bold statement portraits of players that exude confidence and look forward to inevitable victory.



Client -
TBC Bank
Content Manager - Koka Kamushadze

Content Manager - Mari Lortkipanidze
Brand Manager - Ani Nizharadze

Art Director / Designer - Abesalom KAvelashvili
Photographer - Vakhtang Alania (Kikala Studio)

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