Metra - Stay Home!


My Role

Cretive / Art Director

Georgians proved to be particularly hard to tame amidst the pandemic. Having been used to active social life and freedom of movement, people were having a hard time accepting the new reality of forced social distancing and often refused to observe curfew, as instructed and strictly enforced by the local authorities.

I was commissioned to create these visuals for the COVID-19 awareness campaign by Metra Development, local real estate developer, who I had the pleasure to work with multiple times. My task was to encourage locals to stay put and find comfort within the confines of their homes.

Perhaps, the most important insight for these visuals was the fact that the house - shaped logo could have been used as a common outline for individual scenes. Since being at home is mostly associated with working on your laptop or reading a book, it made sense to use both of these as frames for cozy and relatable home scenes.



Client - Metra Development
Creative Director - Abesalom Kavelashvili
Art Direction - Sophia Antidze, Abesalom Kavelashvili
Illustration - Noshre Darakhvelidze

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