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Art Director / Lead Designer

BIAFF is the Batumi Art House International Film Festival, held on the coast of Black Sea every fall and gradually becoming a major event in the region. Sophia Antidze and I created this poster for the ninth festival event in 2018.

Prior to having our minds set on paper craft, the greatest challenge was coming up with the kind of scene that would capture the festival’s mission and feel and arranging individual components into a coherent, precise composition prior to applying paper craft.

As a result of meticulous planning and strategizing, this colorful fun poster exceeded all expectations, truly capturing the tricolor motifs of French cinema, the so-called Velvet Season, hip crowd and limelight. If you look closely, Sophia and I are also part of the scene.



Art Directors - 
Abesalom Kavelashvili, Sophia Antidze

Designers  - Sophia Antidze, Abesalom Kavelashvili
Photographer - Tebuka Kvezereli

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