Abesalom Kavelashvili is an independent Graphic Designer and Art Director living in the US. He was blessed with a bit of an overactive imagination and a love of the creative process from an early age. Drawing came to be his outlet and later in life, it led him here, with more than 12 years of experience in the communication industry, delivering strategic and emotionally resonant creative work in art direction, brand identity, image production, retouching, illustration & photography.

Abesalom enjoys creating visually interesting work, which has earned him above 20 international awards, 9 publications, and more than 15 feature stories. Curiosity fuels him and urges him to always look for new perspectives in his craft. Abesalom is constantly eager to explore new bounds.

He sprouts ideas like he does plants, with care and tends to them through every step, all the way to the ripened end product. Abesalom believes that something created with nurture carries its original good nature and can transmit genuine emotions onto the viewers. His sole goal in life is to make transformative work that resonates with people and pushes them forward.


One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017
Bronze - Retoucher
Finalist - Advertising - Conceptual

Golden Hammer 2017

Grand Prix
2 - Gold

KIAF - 2017
3 - Silver
2 - Shortlist

Ad Black Sea 2017
4 - Silver

International Photo Awards 2016
Honorable Mention - Self Promotion
Honorable Mention - Special

International Photographer of the Year 2016
Honorable Mention - Fine Arts

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015
Finalist - Advertising / Conceptual
Finalist - Advertising / Portreit
Finalist - Advertising / Self Promotion

International Poster Biennial, Mexico
Best Printed
Posters 2014-2016

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2014

Finalist - Retoucher



Philadelphia, PA United States