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Open you eyes to stop the violence

Art Direction & Image Production

My Role

Art Director / Retoucher

Atipfound Georgia is the State Fund for Protection and Assistance of (statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking is a Legal Entity of Public Law (LEPL), which is established according to the Law of Georgia on Combating Human Trafficking.

In a society where family’s image is valued the most. Noticing obvious signs of domestic violence and contacting police or dedicated establishments is unacceptable. For many Georgians ignoring domestic violence is considered the right thing to do.

We wanted people to realize that their willingness to see the problem and act accordingly is the only way that leads to salvation. For that we used the most widespread symbol of ignoring the problem - the act of closing eyes. Every time a participant closes his or her eyes – violence goes ON. When they open their eyes violence stops and message appears – “if you close your eyes violence will never end.” Putting spectators in that position allowed us to deliver a simple message - your willingness to see the problem is the only way to stop it.



Atipfund Georgia


Creative Directors:
Rezo Shelia, Toka Areshidze

Executive Producer:
Tatia Dolidze

Account Director:
Levan Ketskhoveli


Art Director:
Abesalom Kavelashvili

Vakhtang Alania (Kikala Studio)

Abesalom Kavelashvili

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