Abesalom Kavelashvili is an independent Visual Artist & Designer from a country Georgia. His sole goal in life is to make transformative work that has the audacity to push people forward.

Abesalom has been fortunate enough to have a long-lasting experience, delivering strategic and emotionally-resonant creative work in advertising, art direction, creative retouching, illustration, image production, photography & brand identity.

Abesalom has worked together with delightful people creating visual work, which has earned him 26 international awards, 8 publications and 30 feature stories written about his work.

Curiosity and playfulness fuel his drive and always urge him to find new perspectives in work. Abesalom is always eager to explore new limits of his craft.

“I try to make awesome stuff, because I believe that creative work has a special way of filling gaps in our lives.”


One Eyeland Photography Awards 2017
Bronze - Retoucher
Finalist - Advertising - Conceptual

Golden Hammer 2017 - Hungry Hungry Hamsters

Grand Prix
2 - Gold

KIAF 2017 - Hungry Hungry Hamsters
3 - Silver
2 - Shortlist

Ad Black Sea 2017 - Hungry Hungry Hamsters
4 - Silver

International Photo Awards 2016
Honorable Mention - Self Promotion
Honorable Mention - Special

International Photographer of the Year 2016
Honorable Mention - Fine Arts

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2015
Finalist - Advertising / Conceptual
Finalist - Advertising / Portreit
Finalist - Advertising / Self Promotion

International Poster Biennial, Mexico
Best Printed
Posters 2014-2016

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2014

Finalist - Retoucher


Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide 2021/2022
Stay At Home

Best Of The Best Photographers 2018
Metra Park - Your Forest Room

Luerzer's Archive 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018/2019
Personal Work

Luerzer's Archive
200 Best Digital Artist Worldwide 2017/2018

TBC Bank - Hello.
Personal Work - Inside Out.

Best Of The Best Photographers 2016
Personal Work - Inside Out.

Handmaking in Design
BIAF Poster.
Bank Constanta - loans.

Brand Magazine, Mr. Paper
BIAF Poster.

Photoshop Creative Magazine - Issue 144
TBC Bank - Hello

International Poster Biennial Mexico, Catalog
BIAF Poster.